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MBA in Financial Services

By Chartered One

From October 2016, Manchester Met will offer an MBA in Financial Services to aspiring professionals.

If you are looking to take the next step in your financial career, our MBA programme offers a comprehensive, engaging study experience that will provide all the skills and knowledge you need to progress to the next level.

Modules such as Risk, Regulation and Failure Avoidance and Financial Management of Reorganisations, Mergers & Acquisitions are particularly relevant in the current economic climate and will prepare graduates for situations that are happening as we speak.

And what better place pursue your goals than Manchester, one of the UK’s most prominent business hubs?

Course Structure

The Financial Services MBA is completed over 30 months, while we also offer an accelerated 18-month course. Programmes begin in January and October each year.

Students receive 18 days of teaching from industry and academic experts. Your course timetable will provide you with more detailed information on when your seminars will take place - they typically occur in six three-day blocks.

Your course also includes a residential weekend and international study visit .


You are required to earn 180 credits to receive the Financial Services MBA. The information below outlines how you can achieve this:

Phase 1

All MBAs at Manchester Met begin with a selection of foundation modules that form the basis of your course. These modules are outlined in the table below, and each assignment you receive will earn 10 credits towards your MBA.

Module Credits
Reflections on the MBA Journey 10
Financial Analysis Management 10
Managing Human Performance 10
Managing the Business Environment 10
Managing Customer Value 10
Contemporary Issues in the International Environment 10
Phase 2

With the foundations under your belt, you will move on to the second phase of the programme. The modules in this timetable focus on different aspects of the financial services industry, preparing you for a range of business scenarios:

Module Credits
Corporate & Business Strategy in an International Context 10
Strategic Implementation 10
Organisation Renewal & Change 10
Risk, Regulation & Failure Avoidance 10
Financial Management of Reorganisations, Mergers & Acquisitions 10
Phase 3

This is opportunity to display all the knowledge you have picked up during the course and show us that you can apply it in an imaginative, unique way. The dissertation accounts for a third of your credits, so it is without doubt the most important element of the Financial Services MBA programme.

Module Credits
Financial Services Dissertation 60
Find out more

The MBA in Financial Services is just one of the new courses Manchester Met is rolling out in 2016. We will also be providing an MBA in:

  • Strategic Health & Social Care
  • Digital Management

Should you wish to find out more about the courses we offer, please contact Dr Sara Ward at, or call 0161 247 3431.

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