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A digital dictation Christmas Carole from Document Direct

By Chartered One

So who’s Carole you may well be asking?

She’s our extremely efficient typist who is looking forward to Christmas as it allows her to support our clients in even more ways than normal.

We are Document Direct and in the past eight years we have a helped a wide range of businesses, from lawyers and barristers, to accountants and authors (Andy Bounds even), property surveyors and insurance advisers, who have outsourced their typing, document production and some of their secretarial services to us. However -  here comes Christmas, and a whole range of new customers, most of whom you will all know very, very well.

First on our list – he’s big, he’s red, he’s ho, ho, ho – he is of course, Santa Claus himself. If you think you have backlogs and business peaks, just consider his business, and the opportunity for outsourcing! He clearly subcontracts all key elements of toy production to his self-employed workforce of elves, and his transport issues are all well scheduled with Rudolph & Co. Fellow accountants – think of the payroll implications and his cash flow.

His customers, sorry children, also use the latest in technology to communicate to him, as they all signed up as Document Direct customers earlier this year. From the convenience of their rooms they dictate their toyish requests into their i-phones and blackberries using our dictation app, and with a quick ‘ping’ off the requests go to Carole, head of our typing team. (It’s actually Jayne, and she’s my Operations Director, but we are being seasonal remember). Within minutes, this dictation is transformed to a standard toy request letter in Santa’s pre-agreed format, and it is emailed directly to These consistent, legible and timely requests ensure all orders are fulfilled, no backlogs develop in the office, and on 24th December we send one clear, concise bill to Santa.

Payment however takes a bit longer, and this is where another of our customers Mr. Ebeneezer Scrooge is often asked to help. We all know that even on Christmas Day, Bob Cratchett is not at his desk, so who does Scrooge turn to when his loyal staff is on holiday, and those debt reminders need sending? Why none other than Document Direct, of course. Scrooge just dictates as usual, and docks his digital dictation device and our software does the job of sending his dictation. All of his work is typed and returned to him well before Boxing Day, and even Scrooge can then have Christmas night at home. Of course, with no fixed fees, and offering a pure pay-as-you-use approach Scrooge sees this service as exceptional value. (Memo to Bob Cratchett – no need to hurry back). 

Now, how about helping those customers always on the move? Over to Rudolph, and the “anywhere” system that we provide. Any shortfalls in his toys are reported back to him in real reindeer time again by our mobile apps and the typed reports are sent straight back to Santa well within the hour, and hit his inbox on whatever mobile device is being used. Despite the recent decline in the Blackberry, it is still a deliciously popular device with reindeer.

And finally, and please excuse this one – the most important Clause to us is the one in our customer service declaration of looking after each of our customers as best we can, and with our ISO (ho-ho) 27001 security accreditation your confidentiality is preserved, and our client standards are maintained.

So, from Martyn, Jayne, and all at Document Direct (including Carole) we wish you all a very Happy Christmas, a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year, and of course lots of new documents in your stocking!

If your New Year’s resolution is to become a new client of Document Direct, or find out more about how they can help you, please just send a quick email to or telephone 0151 227 9150.